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Mariemont Rankings fall in Cincy Magazine in May

The new Mariemont Firetruck

The South 80 in Mariemont: history, transformation and future April

Missed Opportunities come home to roost April

Does Village Government cede too much power to the Mayor? April

Can Mariemont’s chronic shortages of parking be solved?

Should the Village of Mariemont have a Village Administrator? March

How can local governments cut expenses? January

What if the Village had a budget surplus? January

Is the old Mariemont Steam Plant finally coming down? Nov 2014

A further look at Electric aggregation Oct 2014

A Vision Statement for Mariemont: All Parts July 2014


  1. I have enjoyed this website and hate to see it shutting down. Here is why I think it should continue. It does open debate on the ongoing issues that the village has. The Mayor is….well has been in office way too long. He doesn’t like Mike Lemon the Columbia Township Admin. so anything that is purposed is shut down right away. The Roundabout is a missed opportunity for the village and also for Columbia Township. The mass amount of traffic at that intersection every day is tremendous and is only going to get worse. Yet the Village has done nothing to even encourage talks with Columbia Township to look at a Roundabout. One day someone is going to get slammed at that intersection and really hurt then maybe the Mayor will open his eyes.

    The old Steam Plant building a work in progress? Really? I heard that that place was coming down in May. Haven’t heard one peep about it in any of the village meetings. The developer who is going to bill houses and condos there hasn’t moved any dirt yet. The building is an eyesore and worse it is a potential risk to kids that wonder in there. Over the years their has been deaths and injuries in that building. The building should have been knocked down years ago.

    I just hate to see this site fall by the waste side. Good info here and it gets the village residents focused on issues that haven’t been addressed by city council. I hope you bring it back next year.

    Thank you,

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