A new Maslow Model

Common Pathways in the Brain’s Environment

Five Bins

  1. Emotive core: gratitude and enmity , nostalgia and empathy, compassion and cruelty, joy and anger, humor and irony, regret and jealousy,
  2. Environmental Circumstances: advantage and disadvantage, addictions and lifestyle choices, positive and negative influencers
  3. Basic survival needs: food, water, shelter, safety, stimulation and affection
  4. Aspirational: ambition and achievement, work, marriage and children, sacrifice and narcissism, providence and determination, stable and unstable
  5. Intrinsic Limitations: Genetics and epigenetics; predispositions and natural abilities, sexual identity, curiosity, intelligence and health.

The five blends together to punctuate the journey and offer the possibility of achieving self-actualization



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