Wasson Way: A project that is shovel ready!

It is time to proceed with the Wasson Way Project that will produce a 6.5 mile Bike and Pedestrian Path from Xavier University to the Little Miami Bike Trail in Newtown!

An interconnecting network of bike and hiking paths has health and recreational benefits and the Wasson Way Project that runs through Mariemont is an affordable natural pathway to connect hundreds of miles of trails. Recently, I walked the length of the abandoned railroad tracks that skirts the North side of the ‘South 80’ and would extend behind Mariemont Krogers.  Aside from settling the issues of railroad ownership of the right-of-way and modest financing, I see no downside to proceeding and it is hard for me to believe that this small ‘piece’ of the Eastern Corridor can influence the ultimate development of the Red Bank Road extender to Route 32 or the light rail for public transportation proposed by Todd Portune.

Wasson Way ProjectThe Wasson Way Project Website

We need an open discussion and further feedback from those involved in the decision making process.


  1. If only it was open NOW! plus find a way to UC.

    A bike trail in this exact area would be incalculably valuable to the city and surrounding region. First a real promotion of good health for runners, hikers and bikers who likely would use this year round not just the Summer. Secondly property values along a running/bike trail should soar from high to the highest. Merchants would flock and fight to gain access to provide food and services. Nearby hotels could see real spikes with out of town visitors in just to do the trail and then perhaps more. The opportunity this affords regardless of the Parking meter issue is exactly what the City needs; it would achieve what the downtown little figure 8 light rail will not – a vibrant community. For those who want light rail the only real viable option would be from Madisonville – straigt down Madison Rd – MLK –UC –Downtown. That would work with real commuting riders on a real route.

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