What if the Village had a budget surplus?

If the Village of Mariemont had a reliable budget surplus of $500,000 per year, what suggestions might you have to improve the community with this money? Here are some ideas received from Village residents.

  1. Hire a Village Administrator?
  2. Increase the salary of the Council and Mayor?
  3. Put up more stop signs
  4. Contract with a professional tree management consultant?
  5. Development the South 80 into a recreational playground?
  6. Consider definitive proposals to solve Mariemont’s chronic parking problem?
  7. Greater support for the social organizations within the community?
  8. Consider a community center and renovation of the Municipal Building?
  9. Move the tennis courts to permit business development?
  10. Institute a plan to rejuvenate the historic district?
  11. Retain backyard collection of recyclables?
  12. Spruce up Dogwood Park with fountains, bleachers, parking lot?
  13. Further economic development around the Square?
  14. Cut taxes

What would you like to see happen?


  1. Village Administrator would be my choice. This would ultimately be a self funded position for years, as he/she roots out the waste and inefficiency that plagues any organization. It’s also a way to institutionalize the ‘comparing of notes’ across communities. 20 hours per week would a great start.

  2. There are many good suggestions, but certainly it seems that the most far-reaching and beneficial would be to hire a village administrator. It’s time that we invest in a professional whose expertise is village management and administration.
    Adding more signs to the village would be my last choice. I can’t imagine that there’s room anywhere for even one more signpost. Our charming village is cluttered with an unnecessary amount of unattractive signs.
    This is a great opportunity for suggestions. Keep the ideas coming!

  3. I agree with the suggestion for a village administrator. This had been a priority during the survey conducted by the MPF for the vision plan a few years ago also.

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