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The Talley on Curbside Recycling

The Talley on Curbside Recycling

Based upon the large number of responses to the survey in the Mayor’s Bulletin in June plus comments on NextDoor Mariemont and, I think two things become clear.

First, the majority of Mariemont residents prefer covered containers with lids to open containers for recyclables.

Second, the majority of residents prefer the continuation of recycling pickup in the back even if it incurs some additional expense. Indeed, the $17,000 cost in the Rumpke contract for behind the house pickup spread over 1400+ households in Mariemont a year equates to only $12 per household.

Closed containers have a number of advantages including pest control, better sanitation, prevention of papers from blowing in the wind and recyclables that remain dry for ease of handling and pickup.

Pickup from the back has the advantages of convenience, neighborhood ambiance, safety issues with elderly residents and a talking point to support premium real-estate prices in the Village of Mariemont.

I hope there will be an open discussion of this important issue at the Village Town Meeting on Sunday, March 23, 2104 and that the Mayor will reconsider moving forward too quickly on curbside pickup of recyclables.

Curbside Recycling

Like it or not, Curbside recycling is a reality in Mariemont. The Mayor, invoking the ’emergency clause’, pushed through approval of the contract modification with Rumpke without public debate at the Council meeting on Monday, February 10th. This council meeting can be viewed on this link to ICRC.  I predict that Curb-side garbage collection is in the works for the next year. Make no mistake, the Mayor is fully responsible for this change in Village services and not Rumpke, as is implied in the Rumpke postcard that was sent to all residents in Mariemont and can be viewed below.




Rumpke recycling regulations

Rumpke Recycling is now accepting carton containers in your recycling bins. This includes milk, soy milk/almond milk, juice, soup/broth, wine, and egg substitute cartons. After the fire destroyed the previous facility, Rumpke’s new state of the art recycling plant can recycle both larger volumes and a broader range of recyclable waste. The new plant like the old offers group tours that are very popular.

A reminder of what Rumpke will accept in our bins:

1. Any kind of paper (office paper, clean newspaper, cardboard boxes, paperboard boxes like cereal or cracker boxes, toilet or paper towel rolls, band aid wrapper, tea wrapper, tissue boxes, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, wrapping paper, etc.) Not tissues, napkins and paper towels.

2. Glass bottles and jars as well as aluminum and steel cans

3. Plastic bottles or jugs such as milk jugs, laundry detergent, soda bottles, shampoo bottles

Plastic tubs such as yogurt, butter, and sour cream containers continue to be items that cannot be recycled by Rumpke.