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MHS Celebrates 2014-15 Regional Scholastic Art Awards Winners

Congratulations to Mariemont High School’s 2014-2015 regional Scholastic Art Awards winners. Hundreds of students from Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky submit artwork to this regional and national art competition. The Mariemont High School Visual Arts Department is proud to announce that 14 students received a total of 22 awards this year.

Lucy Hanley: Gold Key & Honorable Mention for Photography
Lindsay Stricker: Gold Key & Honorable Mention for Photography
Collin Widecan: Gold Key for Photography
Maddie Arends: Silver Key for Photography
Carson Fields: Silver Key for Photography
Amanda Lewis: Silver Key & 3 Honorable Mentions for Photography
Meagan Meece: Silver Key for Photography
Albert Nowitzki: 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention for Photography
Alex Wilson: Silver Key for Photography
Kelsey Brown: Honorable Mention for Photography
Cooper Hayes: Honorable Mention for Photography
Nina Willis: 2 Honorable Mentions for Photography
Emma Phillips: Honorable Mention for Digital Art
Gabbie Robb: Honorable Mention for Glass

All 14 students will be honored at an award ceremony on January 30 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. Their work will be on exhibit from January 23-February 7 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. In addition, the Gold Key winners will go on to compete in New York City at the national level later this year.


MHS Students to Perform Adaption of Sleepy Hollow

MHS-Sleepy-HollowMariemont High School students will be the first to perform an adaptation of Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow on November 13-15The Awakening of Sleepy Hollow was written by Carol Brammer and playwright Frederick Gaines.

Carol Brammer is the owner of the Clifton Performance Theatre, located in the Clifton Gaslight District. She is also an actress, appearing in local, national and international performances. She has written 12 plays for children, and five of those have included original soundtracks.

“I love taking tales or fables that are short in nature and centuries or hundred of years old and ask myself, ‘What other characters were there and what was their story?’ The characters then slowly tell me their untold story. It’s an imagination game, mixed with history and the fables many of us know,” said Carol Brammer.

MHS Sleepy Hollow Rehearsal 2014

Group rehearsal with Carol Brammer

The Awakening of Sleepy Hollow is set in a secluded glen called Sleepy Hollow, in the late 18th-century countryside around the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town. In this original version of the folk tale we set out to discover what is really happening to the town’s people, and how the traditions of the times could lead to a spooky rumor taking over the town.

“The cast of 27 Mariemont High School students is comprised of freshman to seniors and the students are intent on entertaining their audience. We wrote this play to be age appropriate and intrigue our young actors and the adult audience. Just good spooky fall fun!” said Carol Brammer.

MHS student Lily Saylor tries on her costume.

MHS student Lily Saylor tries on her costume.

If you are interested in checking out this performance, call 513-271-3372 for ticket information or visit the Mariemont City School District homepage and click on the rotating button on the bottom right of the page.

Mariemont Schools – Centers of Excellence

Mariemont Schools Top Banner

DISTRICT: The Mariemont City School District serves over 1,700 students in a suburb east of Cincinnati. The students reside in one of four small communities (Columbia Township, Fairfax, Mariemont, or Terrace Park). Although there is a cross section of all socioeconomic levels, most families are above average in both household incomes and in educational level attained.

Mariemont High School has been named a Blue Ribbon School four times. 82% of our students participate in our 32 clubs/activities. MHS complies with the NACAC “Statement of Principles of Good Practice.”

COUNSELORS: College Counselor: Amanda Leszczuk(; 11th & 12th grades: Wendy Long- (; 9th & loth grades: Pam Tackett (;

STAFF: 91% of teachers have Master’s degrees with an average of 20 years of experience. Pupil/teacher ratio is 13: 1

AFFILIATIONS: College Board, NACAC, OACAC, North Central. Dual enrollment partnership with Univ. of Cincinnati & Xavier Univ.

ENROLLMENT GRADES 9-12:  522  (eighteen 11th and 12th graders attend classes at a Great Oaks Career Campus).

SCHEDULE: 7:45 a.m. – 2:52 p.m. with seven 52-minute class periods. The academic year is two traditional semesters.

GPA/CLASS RANK: All courses are used in computing GPA and all students are li sted in class rank. Students have the choice of including class rank on transcripts. Honors and AP courses are weighted one additional point (i.e. A=5, B =4, etc.)

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Listed on the transcript as a course in progress, the 40 hour requirement becomes “P” once completed.

92-100 = A
83-91 = B
74-82 = C
65-73 = D

GRADING SCALE-20l4-present
90-100 = A
80-89 = 8
70-79 = C
60-69 = D

English 2/2      Math 4/3         Science 3/3     Compo Sci. 2/1          Soc. Studies 1/4         Studio Art /1   Latin /1

*weighted grades marked “H” on transcript

No limit to the number of AP courses a student may take



AP English Literature
AP Physics C/AP Biology
AP Calculus BC/AP Statistics
AP Latin Vergil
AP US Government & Politics
4th yr. German; 5th yr. Spanish
AP Computer Science A
AP Studio Art
GPA DISTRIBUTION          Class of2013   Class of2014  Class of2015

Top 10%                                  4.318-4.615     4.533-4.674    4.364-4.653
10%- 20% range                      4.000-4.289     4.229-4.532    4.186-4.333
21%- 30% range                      3.778-3.952     3.864-4.228    3.930-4.049
31%- 50% range                     3.341-3.773     3.467-3.863    3.523-3.907


GRADUATE PLANS:           2012    2013   2014

Class size                                 102      114     93
Four-year college                   72%     82%    94%
In-state                                    48%     63%    60%
Out of state                             52%     37%    40%
Two-year colleges                 17%     8%      3%
Other                                       11%     10%    3%


HONORARIES                                 Class of 2014

Cum Laude Society Members                        19
National Honor Society Members      45
National Merit Commended               8
National Merit Finalists                      4
National Merit Semi-Finalists             4


ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTS – % scoring 3 or better

Test                                         2012    2013   2014
Biology                                   75        100      100
Calculus AS                            100      100      94
Calculus BC                            100      100      100
Chemistry                                N/A    100      100
Computer Science A               83        75        100
English Language                   94        94        96
English Literature                   90        98        93
European History                    93        88        93
Govt. & Politics – U.S.            89        92        97
Latin – Vergi l                          N/A      50        50
Physics C Elec.&Mag.            88        86        100
Physics C Mechanics              100      100      100
Psychology                              N/A      N/A      77
Statistics                                  100      97        87
Studio Art                               86        75        44
U.S. History                            97        93        94
World History                         N/A      N/A      100

93% scored 3 or higher
32% of all exams scored a 4
27% of all exams scored a 5



Class of’ 14     Class of’ 15

% of 11th gr. tested                83%                 82%
Critical Reading mean            56.2                 54.6
Math mean                              56.1                 54.7
Writing skills mean                 55.0                 51.8


ACT SUMMARY                              Class of’ 13     Class of’14

% tested                                              83%                 90%
Mean Composite score – MHS           25.8                 26.4
Mean score Composite – Ohio            21.8                 22.0
Mean Composite score – National      20.9                 21.0
Middle 50% Composite – MHS         22-29               23-31


SAT SUMMARY                               Class of’13      Class of’ 14
% tested                                                     85%                 72%
Mean score Crit. Reading – MHS        575                  600
Mean score Crit. Reading – Ohio        548                  555
Mean score Crit. Reading- National   496                  497
Middle 50% Crit. Reading – MHS      500-630         530-650
Mean score math – MHS                     568                  590
Mean score math – Ohio                      556                  562
Mean score math – National               514                  513
Middle 50% math – MHS                    490-640          510-670
Mean score writing – MHS                  553                  577
Mean score writing – Ohio                   –                       535
Mean score writing – National            –                       487


Mariemont High School Recognizes Distinguished Alumni

Mariemont Schools Top Banner


Mariemont High School Recognizes Distinguished Alumni

Recipients Include a Retail Developer, Opera Singer and Assistant Secretary of the Army

The Mariemont Alumni Association (MAA) and the Mariemont School Foundation (MSF) are pleased to announce the recipients of Mariemont High School’s 2nd annual Distinguished Alumni Award. The award recognizes graduates of at least 10 years who have notably distinguished themselves by extraordinary contributions and/or remarkable accomplishments in their chosen career; skill, trade or business; civic duties; military service; philanthropy; volunteerism; the arts; the sciences; education; religion; or any other field, endeavor or pursuit.

This year’s recipients are Jeffrey R. Anderson, class of 1965, CEO/President, Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate; Pamela J. Coburn, class of 1970, Distinguished Professor of Voice, DePauw University; and Harry N. Walters, class of 1954, Chairman/CEO Veterans Coalition, Inc. The second class of recipients was selected from nominations submitted to a committee consisting of MAA and MSF board members.

The Distinguished Alumni were recognized during Mariemont High School’s homecoming events and were invited back to Mariemont High School, where they met with students and faculty. Pictures and biographies of the Distinguished Alumni are on permanent display in the district’s College and Career Planning Center.

“We were honored to welcome back three outstanding alumni to their hometown. Students were inspired by listening to their success stories and it showed what one is capable of accomplishing at Mariemont City Schools,” said Steven Estepp, superintendent of the school district.

Nominations for 2015 will be solicited in the spring. Visit the Mariemont School Foundation website,, for more information.


Jeffrey R. Anderson graduated from Mariemont High School with the class of 1965.  He attended the University of Virginia as a scholar athlete.  Following a brief career in the National Football League with the Washington Redskins, Mr. Anderson returned home to serve in the Ohio National Guard and begin his career in the real estate industry.  Mr. Anderson started Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate in the mid-1980s and has built its reputation as an award-winning retail developer.  Mr. Anderson and his wife Darlene are also committed philanthropists, giving significant time and resources to the local community, the real estate industry and the global community.

Pamela J. Coburn is a graduate from the class of 1970.  Ms. Coburn studied voice at DePauw University, Eastman School of Music and Juilliard School in New York.  Early in her career she won the ARD Competition in Munich, Germany and the Metropolitan Opera National Competition in the U.S.  Ms. Coburn went on to spend more than 20 years singing in the finest opera houses around the world and recording with the most important conductors in opera.  Ms. Coburn teaches voice at DePauw University, holding the position of Distinguished Professor of Voice.

Harry N. Walters is a member of the Mariemont High School class of 1954.  Mr. Walters graduated from West Point in 1959 where he played fullback, blocking for Heisman Trophy winner Pete Dawkins.  After serving in the army for four years, he began a successful career in the paper industry eventually becoming CEO of Potsdam Paper Corp.  In 1981, President Reagan nominated Mr. Walters as the Assistant Secretary of the Army.  In 1983, he was appointed by President Reagan to be Administrator of the U.S. Veteran’s Administration and served in that role until 1986.  Mr. Walters continued to serve the public in numerous positions and, today, is the CEO/Chairman of the Veterans Coalition, Inc.

The three Distinguished Alumni stand in front of their plaques that now hang in the College and Career Planning Center at Mariemont High School. Harry N. Walters (left), Pamela J. Coburn (center) and Jeffrey R. Anderson (right) received the award prior to Mariemont High School's  homecoming football game on October 3.

The three Distinguished Alumni stand in front of their plaques that now hang in the College and Career Planning Center at Mariemont High School. Harry N. Walters (left), Pamela J. Coburn (center) and Jeffrey R. Anderson (right) received the award prior to Mariemont High School’s homecoming football game on October 3.

Erik Swanson signed to play baseball for the Texas Rangers

Right-handed pitcher and Mariemont High School graduate Erik Swanson was recently signed to play baseball for the Texas Rangers in the American League.

Swanson played baseball and attended school at Iowa Western Community College, and his baseball team at Iowa Western recently won the National Championship in junior college Division I baseball. He just completed his second year and had to make the tough choice between accepting a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Pittsburgh and beginning his professional baseball career. After much discussion with his family, he decided to pursue professional baseball.

“I really can’t believe that my first real job is going to be playing baseball,” said Swanson. “It’s truly a dream come true. I’m still in shock.”

He heads out to Spokane, Washington later this week to play a short season with the Spokane Indians, a minor league baseball team that is the farm team of the Texas Rangers. After that season wraps up, he hopes to participate in the Instructional League, have time in the winter months to meet with nutritionists and other wellness and fitness experts and then begin spring training in February.

“After I graduated from high school, I thought baseball might be more of a hobby. I never dreamed I would make a career out of it. I went to college to pursue a different career path, but continued to work with a pitching coach and here I am,” said Swanson. “It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I’m excited to start a new chapter of my life and just work on constantly improving my pitching skills.”

Swanson attended Mariemont High School all four years and was coached in baseball by Joe Regruth, Tom Nerl and Mike Hanley.

“I could say so many positive things about my experiences at Mariemont High School, both on and off the field,” said Swanson. “I had the opportunity to learn from three great coaches and to play baseball with some of my best friends – what else could I ask for?”

Although originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Erik Swanson now calls Terrace Park home, where his parents, Cari and Jeff England, reside.

Picture: Mariemont High School Principal James Renner and Mariemont City School District Athletic Director Tom Nerl congratulate Erik Swanson.

Mariemont Schools Athletic Schedules

Mariemont Schools Athletic Schedules

Here are the various sports schedules for the upcoming winter sports season:  Boys and Girls Basketball, Swimming and Diving.  For any questions regarding the schedules call Tom Nerl (513) 272-7617, or reach out to one of the coaches here.


Mariemont High School Production: “Almost, Maine”

Mariemont High School Production: Almost, Maine

Please come and enjoy an evening of theatre at Mariemont High School. This fall’s production is titled “Almost, Maine”. Nine short scenes confront the hazards we encounter in the pursuit of love. Every scene is about relationship, but every scene looks at a different aspect of relationship, driving home the point, “there are as many types of love, as people to love.”

The performances are Friday Nov 8 and Saturday Nov 9 at 7:30pm and Sunday Nov 10 at 2pm.

Please contact Delta Crabtree at 513-272-3372 to order your tickets or pick up a ticket order form at any Mariemont school office



Friday, November 8, 2013, 7:30PM

Saturday Nov 9 at 7:30PM

Sunday Nov 10 at 2PM



Almost, Maine is a play by John Cariani, comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine. It premiered at the Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine in 2004 where it broke box office records and garnered critical acclaim.

Almost, Maine opened Off-Broadway at the Daryl Roth Theatre on January 12, 2006 and closed on February 12, 2006. Directed by Gabriel Barre, the cast included Todd Cerveris, Justin Hagan, Miriam Shor, and Finnerty Steeves.  Though its Off Broadway run was brief, the play is featured in Smith and Kraus’ New Playwrights: Best Plays of 2006 and has proved popular in professional and nonprofessional theatre companies worldwide. It is now the most produced play in North American high schools, recently supplanting Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The New York Times review of the play in 2006 was mixed: “A comedy comprising almost a dozen two-character vignettes exploring the sudden thunderclap of love and the scorched earth that sometimes follows, John Cariani’s play will evoke either awww’s or ick’s, depending on your affection for its whimsical approach to the joys and perils of romance.”

New York Times review of a production at TheatreWorks in Hartford in 2013 was positive: “John Cariani’s Almost, Maine is a series of nine amiably absurdist vignettes about love, with a touch of good-natured magic realism…This is a beautifully structured play, with nifty surprise endings (most but not all of them happy) and passing references to characters from other vignettes, which slyly tell us more about them. Mr. Cariani, describes the play’s subject as ‘falling in and out of love.’ It is just as much about pain.”

Interested in Space? Consider Space Camp!

Olivia Erhardt, Mariemont Senior

Olivia Erhardt, Mariemont Senior

Olivia Erhardt, an incoming senior at Mariemont High School, recently attended Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, home of Space Camp and NASA’s official Visitor Information Center for Marshall Space Flight Center. The week long educational program promotes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), while training students and adults with hands-on activities and missions based on team work, leadership and decision-making. Olivia was part of the Advanced Space Academy Program, which is specifically designed for high school trainees who have a particular interest in aerospace. She spent the week training with a team that flew a simulated Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Once aboard the ISS, the crew participated in experiments and successfully completed an extra-vehicular activity (EVA), or space walk. Olivia and crew returned to earth in time to hear retired Space Shuttle astronaut Col. Bob Springer speak at their graduation! Space Camp crew trainers who lead each 16-member team must have at least a year of college, and 67% of the 2011 staff are college graduates. Space Camp operates year-round in Huntsville, Alabama, and uses astronaut training techniques to engage trainees in real-world applications of STEM subjects. Students sleep in quarters designed to resemble the ISS and train in simulators like those used by NASA. More than 600,000 trainees have graduated from Space Camp since its opening in Huntsville in 1982, including STS-131 astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger. Last year, children and teacher from all 50 states and 58 international locations attended Space Camp. Interested in training like an astronaut? Visit or call 1-800-63 SPACE.

Olivia Erhardt plans to attend college with a major in astrophysics and her summer experience matches her aspirations.