Rumpke recycling regulations

Rumpke Recycling is now accepting carton containers in your recycling bins. This includes milk, soy milk/almond milk, juice, soup/broth, wine, and egg substitute cartons. After the fire destroyed the previous facility, Rumpke’s new state of the art recycling plant can recycle both larger volumes and a broader range of recyclable waste. The new plant like the old offers group tours that are very popular.

A reminder of what Rumpke will accept in our bins:

1. Any kind of paper (office paper, clean newspaper, cardboard boxes, paperboard boxes like cereal or cracker boxes, toilet or paper towel rolls, band aid wrapper, tea wrapper, tissue boxes, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, wrapping paper, etc.) Not tissues, napkins and paper towels.

2. Glass bottles and jars as well as aluminum and steel cans

3. Plastic bottles or jugs such as milk jugs, laundry detergent, soda bottles, shampoo bottles

Plastic tubs such as yogurt, butter, and sour cream containers continue to be items that cannot be recycled by Rumpke.


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