Mariemont Rankings fall in Cincy Magazine

Each year Cincy Magazine ranks the top 50 Cincinnati area communities. Mariemont’s ranking this year is number 43 with Indian Hill, Terrace Park and Madeira ranked number one, two, and three. Newtown was #26 and Fairfax #39. Rankings for the past nine years are listed in the column below.

2006 – #3
2007– #8
2008 – #3
2009 – #19
2010 – #12
2011 – #14
2013 – #20
2014 – #28

2015– #43

These rankings may seem arbitrary, but this type of publicity makes one worry about future property values in Mariemont and how our Village Government is functioning. It begs the question, who will step forward with the management skills, leadership and vision to reverse this trend?


  1. Mariemont,

    Getting ready to leave the land of the “waiting to die”. Mariemont and Madeira look pretty good.

    Visit Troy, Ohio and feel better about Mariemont.


  2. The latest Cincy magazine suburb rankings simply point out that Mariemont isn’t as nice as Terrace Park or Madeira. The village’s safety ranking is also very disturbing.

    But Mariemont has something that nobody else does: Mayor-for-Life Dan Poliscastro. A truly inept part-time politician and full-time insurance agent. With Policastro at the helm for so long, it’s no wonder Mariemont’s rankings are below those of its neighbors.

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