The Gladstone Community Religious group

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[This article was written by Zachary Kijinski]


The Gladstone Community began 7 years ago as a small group of young men who living in an apartment together in Mariemont. We were all part of a Bible study and were challenged that we wanted to really live our Christian faith as fully as we could. We committed to study, to prayer and to challenge and encourage one another to go deeper and further in our faith.

As time went on, dozens of men and women joined us. As we grew in numbers of persons, we (by necessity) grew in numbers of properties. We began to share all our resources together. Our hope was that by doing this and choosing to live in a simpler way personally, that we could maximize the effect of our resources in the service of our faith. We were very encouraged by the Book of Acts and the very first Christians who did a very similar thing:
All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. Acts 2:44-47, and All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need. Acts 4:32-35.
When the Gladstone Community began we were still attending a congregation in Loveland, but 2010 we were blessed by the church leadership to become a church fellowship all our own, with our own leadership. To this day we share a relationship with that congregation, as well as many others–particularly Mariemont Community Church, where we minister together, often worship together, and most importantly have deep personal friendships. Leadership is shared by many in the community. There is a team of treasurers who care for the finances. There is a team of pastors who care for spiritual needs. There are teams for hospitality and practical needs as well.
Much of our time, resources and energy goes into helping young men and women out of drug addiction (particularly heroin addiction), orphan-care around the world, and support for the suffering Church. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer the world is looking for, but we realize that for the words to be believed people must first see in our lives it’s truth. We partner with a variety of ministries that help us to do this work, such as Back2Back Ministries, Teen Challenge Cincinnati, Voice of the Martyrs to name a few. We also work hard to revitalize the neighborhood we live in. As we purchase houses we seek to landscape, paint, repair and remodel.
We have two meetings a week. One on Thursday nights (7:00pm) at the Mariemont Church Parish Center. In January of 2013 we began to study straight through the Bible. We have a teaching at 7:00pm, followed by worship music and then we break into small groups and discuss what we have just studied. We offer a meal at 6:30pm and free childcare each night in the Preschool rooms.On Sunday mornings we meet at the Mariemont Chapel at 9:00am for a time of worship. At this meeting members of the congregation share testimonies, encouragements, poems, songs, and short exhortations as we worship the Lord together. Both meetings are open and anyone is welcome.
Written by: Zachary Kijinski


  1. Reader beware! Not is all as seems in this article. What’s not said is there’s a group of people who have left this community after disagreeing with the teachings of this group. The group was not “blessed by the church to form their own congregation”. The group was asked by the church to disassociate with them because they didn’t believe what they were teaching was healthy. When I personally left the group, I was told I was going to be out of Gods will and damned to hell, and many others had the same experience. I have been approached by many parents who’s children are in this group, and they never see them anymore. They feel they’ve lost their kids to this community. One parent recently was unable to have her children over in her home for thanksgiving because the community told her children no. The original elder of this group was forced out because he and the leader of the Gladstone community had a disagreement on their teachings. This group is very good at manipulating people with their knowledge of the bible and spinning things around to make it seem like what they believe is true. This is a dangerous community with cult-like tendencies. Once you’re in, it’s very difficult to get out, as they force you to cut off all ties with people not in the community.

      • I would like to know of a group of family members as well for my friend.
        The young people still in that group are depressed looking zombies- lost their joy and it’s religious to the core no joy!

        • Is there a group of parents to join? One of the messages said there was a private facebook group. Is that still going on?

          • I would like to know about this private group also. I would love to see my comments deleted and for someone to email where to learn more about this group.

      • Were you able to get your family member out successfully? I see it’s been 3 years since you wrote this.

    • We are surrounded by these self-centered goofs.

      They reflect upon God so much they can’t see each other…or anyone else.

      How many unrelated adults can live in one home? Isn’t parking up to the corners (on both sides) illegal? Are they ALL licensed on ALL of the vehicles they drive? Unrelated adults are driving a plethora of cars. I know of one with expired foreign tags. Human trafficking? Child labor? I’ve seen enough. I have footage of a baby left completely UNATTENDED in a stroller for over 12 minutes in freezing weather out in front of their DAYCARE. I went down & banged on their door & it still took several minutes for anyone to attend to the child. One fella said to me, “It’s not MY kid!” Truly, the compassion of Christ. I’m done…

      I called the SHERIFF & 421-KIDS
      The police & protective services have come & more will come soon.
      Now is the time! Find your courage & report their wrongdoings.

      What’s the old Edmund Burke quote?

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    I used to live in Gladstone Community affiliated with Mariemont Community Church. There are multiple people including myself which I have been in contact with that have left this community having experienced emotional and spiritual trauma. I was actually counseled by one of the members who actually left after helping to start up the community.

    I want you to be aware that you may have posted an article positively reflecting a group that displays cult like tendencies. Minor and Major Life decisions require approval from the leadership, permission is needed to date, to marry, to change jobs, to change careers or advance, and to further one’s self through education. Members have given up college degrees, full ride scholarships, and major job opportunities because the leadership said no.

    While giving of finances and possessions may be considered voluntary by the members of the community I would argue that most if not all of the members have given over their free will to choose and think for themselves financially, psychologically, spiritually and even relationally.

    My friend and I who used to live in the community both experienced individuals and leaders telling us as we left the church that we were going against God’s will. When we did leave we both had to wrestle with thinking we were actually going to hell. Gladstone uses other scare tactics for disciplining its people to conform.

    Through our yelp reviews we have received various concerns and complaints from various family members of people living in the community. Recently, we received a call from a family member who was distraught because the community wouldn’t let her daughters come home for thanksgiving.

    I want you to know that I left the community needing daily counseling from a licensed Christian professional for 4-5 months while needing to take two different medications for the trauma which I am currently still on. If I were you I would look at some of the reviews on Yelp. I have nothing further to say other than warning you to thoroughly check into groups and individuals before deciding to reflect them in a positive light. You never know what you’ll find out after doing a thorough search. If you don’t believe me feel free to contact some of the individuals on yelp. Why would someone post a negative review if there wasn’t some truth to it?

    For safety reasons I want the people reading this review to know that I am not using my actual name because I believe the community would try and seek me out. I want you to also know that I have been to at least one or more other Christian churches that do not believe in Gladstone Community Church and its Concepts of so called common purse and how the Church functions and operates. Also Gladstone’s turnover rate for individuals coming to check out the church and leaving is actually somewhat high.

    Please do not email a response to me or try and reach out I will not reply for privacy reasons.

    • I know you recognize the last name. His 16 year old sister has been taken into this situation and I need help. PLEASE respond. She is too young for this. I will risk my privacy by giving you my e-mail hiltonsl1@

      • I am so sorry!! I knew the brother through them training him to lead- Lord heal Zak- and the ones he has drug into this! He needs a deep time in healing of something that has stunted his growth- he is what appears to me a boy/man in need of healing-

    • secret group- going closed when we can unite those who can help-
      just spoke to Denis beufjoruser who claims he doesn’t know- parents are planning to go to other pastors in the community who know and are silent like Daniel McKee…
      please find the facebook group and message me- you can be confidential for now until we get more than the few parents and hope fully kids that left the gladstone cult and get a meeting together
      or email hopetohelp2@hotmail. likely won’t check very often there either trying to be discreet.

      • What does Daniel McKee know about this group of loons? He is actually on the pastoral staff at a major Cincinnati-area church (Montgomery Community Church)!

  3. I would like to know how if at all possible to get my sister out of that place . It also sounds like a Jim Jones thing. We were told we could no longer have any contact with her and she is not allowed to leave to be at the hospital to see her granddaugher born. I am now trying to be a aunt and a mother to her daughter. If anyone out there knows how to help I would love to hear from you.

    • there is a public facebook page and I have a contact who has children in the Gladstone cult-

      so many are afraid to post their real names – because the cult gets back to their family members – and then the family can’t visit with them unsupervised (house mother!)


      • My son is thinking of joining this community. Is there a resource for more info? Our biggest concern is that we be able to communicate with him as we are several hours away. Would he be allowed to have a cell phone there?

        • Get your son away from this community any way you can! I hope he has not already signed a covenant with them. They come on so “lovingly”, so “persuasively”, so “Christian-like” – and bombard them with scripture verses used inappropriately to brain-wash them into obedience to (so-called Christian life and Jesus), but it is really using scripture and Jesus’ name to enslave them and captivate them to the Gladstone Community or their new branding, “The Madison Place Community Church.”

          Once he signs a covenant with them — just about everything will be taken away from him in the name of Jesus and calling them “idols.” Yes, his cell phone will be taken away from him — especially if the community gets any inclincling of an idea that any family member is questioning what he is becoming a part of. He will be allowed to use another Gladstone member’s cell to call — usually with another Gladstone individual standing next to him to overheard his side of the conversation and perhaps yours as well on speaker phone. You might be allowed to call him — on a friend’s phone number — with the friend screening his calls and saying if he is available or not or when he will be available.

          Don’t expect him to come home for a weekend visit – ever, at least not unaccompanied. Once he signs their covenant, he is THEIRS.

          Gladstone is without question a deceiving cult group. All of their time, money, thinking will be taken over by this group — all in the name of Jesus, all done as wolves in sheep’s clothing appearing to be illuminators of “truth” when in fact they are enslaving prison wardens and instruments of the kingdom of darkness.

          I was a part of this group for several years before I finally saw the deceit and control for what it was. If anyone tries to leave they will be initially told things like they need to get their spiritual attitudes right. They will be reprimanded and strongly rebuked and belittled for their disobedience and lack of faith and trust in “God” and insubordination to the leadership of their community and church (which by the way are one and the same).

          Those who dare continue to question practices or interpretations of scripture within Gladstone will be more harshly treated. The meager $100 “allowance” each gets each month might be taken away. (They are always strongly encouraged to give much of that back for “their causes or “mission” outreaches. They might be given more work details — especially work they don’t like particularly to do, to “teach” them obedience and humility. Those who obey get to feel like they are highly valued — and given greater leadership responsibility over others. All can “turn in” or “report” on any within them who is “caught” or “seen” or “heard” to have said or done anything not in protocol to their “rules.” They are continually bringing each other to repentance over “sins” against one another or within an individual. It all seems good on the surface — but it is a way of bringing them all under submission and under their control — of course, in the name of Jesus. In my opinion, it is way too excessive.

          They will be highly discouraged from continuing contact with their biological families — because Gladstone is now their family. Many parents will only get to visit their child/children within the community under full scrutiny of the community. Rarely will a Gladstone captive be allowed to visit with a family member that is outside the community privately. (Only those who have parents who think Gladstone is wonderful will be allowed that privilege, or those who are oblivious to anything negatively going in within.) Visits to home for the vast majority does not happen — or if it does, they are to have another Gladstone person accompany them, and they almost always have a time from when they are to be back within the community either that same day in so many hours or if at a greater distance within so many days.

          Gladstone leadership has done such a great job of totally brainwashing their captives. They talk about “evangelizing” but it is really “recruiting” or “capturing” others into their ranks.

          They put up a great front. Sadly, many within them are so deceived they are totally on board with all they have been brainwashed with. It is heart breaking for many families to see this happening to their young adult children.

          Indeed, there are those within Gladstone from painful backgrounds who currently have “cleaned up lives.” Former drug addicts, former homosexuals, former prostitutes, former victims of abused homes — who have found “care” or a “home” like they have never known before. Children from divorced homes, who feel like they now have no parental home, children who have lost a parent, young people who felt friendless or never felt like they belonged — and those who really do have a fire and zeal for God — they are the most vulnerable to be caught and captured by the strong captivating teachings they proclaim.

          But the ugliness of Gladstone comes out when anyone tries to leave. Or when they question anything or disagreee with anything. If they are not immediately brought back into obedience, they will be met with the ugly, evil side of Gladstone — because beneath all their “goodness” is a very deceitful, controlling spirit — that is NOT the spirit of the Holy God.

          Take heed all who have any connection with Gladstone or the Madison Place Community Church or the Madison Place coffee shop they hope to soon open in their township.

          Those within Gladstone eventually turn over their whole lives to the community (being led to believe they are turning their lives completely over to “Jesus.”) Instead, they are being enslaved and held captive. This is NOT the freedom God intends for His children. They cannot freely walk away without great resistance and being told they will be in jeopardy of losing their souls and going to hell.

          Great fear is used to keep them in bondage there. God does NOT give anyone a spirit of fear or bondage. God sets free. He gives us the freedom to worship Him and live for Him wherever we feel His spirit leads us to do so.

          God does not call anyone to be in covenant with any human being or any organization that takes full control over their lives. God alone is to be the one we follow. God wants individuals to respond first and foremost to Him, not to the dictates of mankind that misuse God’s word to control others.

  4. Gladstone is a cult. I was living there for a short time and am still suffering nearly a year later. I didnt realize how much being there would mess with my mind even months later. Leaving calls for serious deprogramming. I wish I never experienced this because my life hasnt been the same since. Please pray for those who are being convinced to live there. Several members told me they considered leaving but would be going outside of God’s will if they did. THIS WAS THE MAIN REASON PEOPLE STAYED! That is brainwashing! Why would so many people feel the need to leave if there wasn’t a problem? Im glad I got out, though I faced many conversations to try to convince me to stay the day of. It has been really hard for me to live a normal life without thinking about the damage this place has had on me psychologically. I have and am overcoming severe anxiety. I didnt have this issue before then. I literally got sick because of the lack of peace I had while there. I honestly dont know how I am still a Christian apart from understanding that God will somehow use this for my good and He loves me and deserves my worship regardless of my circumstance. If you are considering living there, please don’t. I say this in love. Gladstone should NOT be an option. If you are feeling weird about Gladstone, I urge you to listen to God prompting you to run in the opposite direction. They seem convincingly Christian but they are isolating people from their families and society, controlling and manipulating their decisions, and convincing them that this is the Christian life–the life of sacrifice. They are misinterpreting Acts to justify their common purse. That is NOT the way the early church lived. Please study the Word and know it–IN CONTEXT. We are easily deceived when we let others interpret for us, especially when it strays from traditional, orthodox interpretation. I am glad that my theological ears were open and the Lord warned me with the Word and thru prayer every time I heard something about communal living that was meant for itching ears. Why would a ministry that has raised millions need to have their members share everything even down to bar soap with their housemates to “die to self”? How extreme could you possibly be and call it Christian because you attach the name ‘Jesus’? It is not good doctrine to preach the gospel and live in a way that is counter-gospel, to live in a way that is gives you control over people. These people are easily manipulated because they sincerely want to follow God and stumbled upon a ministry that will use the cause of Christ to control their actions. I fell for this because I wanted to follow God. It is not good doctrine that when someone wants to leave it is IMPOSSIBLE because the ministry has ALL OF THEIR MONEY the person has no money because it was forfeited to the ministry). Thank God I strongly felt to not do so and had enough to make my escape. It was disputed they wouldnt be able to help me (millions, some wouldve been because of me, but they cant help me leave…). There’s much more I can say, but I will end here. It is brainwashing with a Christian guise. Do not associate with this ministry. People being nice is not a sign of godly fruit. You will feel weird about it. That is your cue to run. God bless and please be safe. Follow God with all your heart. Parents, I pray often for your children at Gladstone who need to open their eyes. I believe God will answer your prayers. God bless.

    • parents and concerned friends are gathering- please share and help us – parents are praying and going to talk to Denis, Ford Taylor, Jerry Kirk please contact me! and I’ll connect you with them! apparently they are recruiting globally now- and have a Guatemala connection so Back to back needs to know it’s a cult also!!
      please contact us here-


        • My daughter just left this weekend. A very bad scene because she wanted to leave and move in another direction. I feel she obtained many skills and relationships there , however, lost confidence and individuality. My prayer is that she will keep her faith and trust in the Lord to guide her path for the future.

  5. My daughter lived there for six years. She left recently and was not given anything to help her. She feared members would try to talk her out of going and be hateful towards her once her decision was made known. She could not take the car she “owned”, but someone else drove. Many gifts we had given her were left behind at the house she lived in, gifted to the household over the years, instead of my daughter retaining ownership. It is true what is said above about not being able to see them. We were lucky to see her 3-6 times a year, sometimes not seeing her on Thanksgiving or just a couple hours on Christmas. She always had some obligation or needed to spend time with her housemates. I prayed God would return her to her family. He answered that prayer. I pray that your children will also return to you.

  6. I lived in the community for 5 years and left 2 years ago. I agree and confirm everything everyone has said so far about Gladstone Community/Madison Place Community Church being a cult. The manipulation and control is unreal… it’s taken me a long time to be able to get back to God and to church because of the mental/emotional trauma I experienced in the Community. It’s not easy to leave and it’s even harder to start over. If you know people coming out of it, give them all the support you can because they will need it.

  7. I have 2 family members who joined this mess and I need help getting to them is there any hope of me getting them back

  8. This place is a cult, plain and simple. They display cult tendencies and should not be in the community. Sad that people fall into this and get brainwashed.

  9. Can someone here please contact me. Looking for support regarding family members who are part of this community. I tried emailing the address Steven posted above and my mail bounced back. Is the Facebook group still active?

  10. If anyone needs help talking to their child or relative that are in Gladstone, I can help. I was a part of the group as it formed and was a “leader” before it became what it is now. I left in 2012. I saw how the “sausage” was made and am here if anyone needs help. I too suffered mentally in the wake of the impact. I don’t want anyone to have to suffer the same way that I did. Reach out!

  11. My sister is there niece. She said my niece has developed OCD and things is from something when she was little. Reading these comments I’m realizing it is the fear these poeple are instilling in her. I fear for my niece. She is also brain washed after being there 4 years. Pray for them please.

  12. Are the people of this “church” the ones who opened the new coffee shop across from the car dealership on Plainville Road?! ? Wow, I will be sure never to give them my money and we’ll tell others also not to. How sad and scary! Everyone should know about this.

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